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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

All Rights Begin With Property

The Right to own Property is the cornerstone to all other rights of a free people. Without personal private property rights all others are null and void.
John Locke said it best,” Every man has a property in his own person.  This nobody has a right to, but himself.” Without it, free people are no longer sovereign but surfs and slaves to a New World Order.
There is an agenda unfolding through UN resolutions, executive orders, unconstitutional bureaucracies and mandates that incrementally is stripping us of our right to property, collect water, grow food and even make a living. Unconstitutional fines, fees, licenses are making it impossible to start a small business or even farm.
When we can’t even feed ourselves we are bordering on catastrophe of  epic proportions. Some Property Rights group is meeting just about every week at a different county in the Ozarks.  
For times and dates of local meetings being held all over the Ozarks email to our auto-responder at  
 P.S. The best most concise information about Agenda 21 is found here: and not so concise .

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