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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Presidential Analysis

I was shocked to find out all those polls Ron Paul has been winning maybe be more authentic than those the major corporate media has been feeding us.
Here’s my take on the candidates:

Michele Bachmann
Pros:  Lots of potential, knows the constitution and the law but not battle hardened enough. Dedicated to root out Obama "Care".
Cons:  Still wet behind the ears and not seasoned enough.  Be a good VP.
Herman Cain
Pros: Proves republicans are not racists, shows he can actually think unlike most his other opponents, has original ideas, very smart, and thinks on his feet. Would probably bring more blacks into the party than Obama did the democrats and would be a great but needs to study the constitution more.
Cons:  Worked for the Federal Reserve, probably wouldn’t audit the Fed, 9,9, 9 is too populist. His 9,9,9 plan over reaches the Federal Governments power by giving it a new tax stream.

Newt Gingrich
Pros:   He owns the field, doesn’t stand for the media B.S. Is brilliant in many many ways.
Cons:  Was or is a member of the CFR and has disturbing character flaws. Due to this he might be a the most brilliant VP ever on a ticket.

Jon Huntsman
Pros:  None. Are you kidding me?
Con: RINO—(Republican In Name Only).  Where does he get the money to keep in the race?
Ron Paul
Pros:  Knows the constitution, lives the constitution, votes the constitution, quite substantive, and more fully understands economics than anyone including the sitting president and his staff and all the other candidates combined. He is quite extensively endorsed  from Glenn Beck  and Rush Limbaugh to Barry Manilow.  He has cleaned the field in just about every single straw poll.  Since he is the only one shutting down the military, I suspect he would get a lot of democrat votes. Rooting out Obama "Care" is a given.
Cons:  Too soft spoken, doesn’t get angry enough, is an outsider, disparaged as a libertarian. Corporatists, big government insiders, and RiNOs will do everything to keep him out.  Empire builders would lose their “control” of the world and we would go a gold standard. There might not be enough Tea Party Activities in congress or the senate to pass his brilliant plans.  
Rick Perry
Pros: Did a good job in Texas. Young females think he is the cutest one running. Valley girls would unanimously vote for him.
Cons:  He is not even a RINO (Republican In Name Only) but a democrat  progressive globalist in RINO republican clothing.

Mitt Romney
Pros:  Did a good job teaching Obama how to create Obama Care. Appears presidential but puts his finger to the wind to figure how to vote and come up with ideas.
Cons:  Classic RINO (Republican In Name Only) but secretly a progressive globalist.  Is a John McCain without the war wounds.  Has no standing in rooting out Obama Care and is actually Obama Care Light. Would lose to Obama just because of his Mass. Health Care he created.  He could care less about constitutional issues.  He is the darling of the globalists, democrats and new world order Bush types.

Rick Santorum
Pros: Takes the place of  Dan Quayle and even looks like him, could be his little brother.
Cons:  Still wet behind the ears and not seasoned enough. Could be a vice presidential candidate.

Do your own research and follow these links:
Republican Contenders and you won’t believe who you find.
Rush Limbaugh endorses Ron Paul .
Glenn Beck endorses Ron Paul.
Barry Manilow endorses Ron Paul.

Chuck Norris endorses Ron Paul.

Mark Levin and Ronald Reagan endorse Ron Paul

Michele Bachmann Endorses Ron Paul 2012

Groups that endorse Ron Paul
Here’s the S c A r y part:
If Ron Paul wins, it might be like resurrecting Ronald Reagan from the dead,  we might actually get our Republic back, the world may again respect the US, the decline of our dollar would STOP since it would be backed by GOLD and Rand Paul could actually be Vice President!
Here’s the mind boggling part, democrats, the media, globalists, progressives think Ron Paul is an unelectable buffoon, old fuddy duddy, out of touch Don Quixote tilting wind mills just as they did Ronald Reagan.
The bottom line is when the silent majority wakes up to what Ron Paul has to offer, they will vote for him. 
It is history repeating itself with Carter in the White House and Reagan knocking at the door.  But, this time, Obama in the White House and Ron Paul kicking in the door with his son Rand Paul ready in the wings and the Tea Party Patriots at their back.  
Analysis by
RedFeather of the Bloody Quill Tribe.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

An Observation of the "We are the 99%" crowd forming in Any Town USA- Coming to your town soon!

The other day I noticed protestors with signs saying and people yelling “We are the 99%”. My curiosity drove me to search the web for what it meant ( ).  Other than the quote down below, I discovered they are not the 99% they are about 19% dole takers, entitlement system gamers and other nonproductive citizens that think government is their god, bureaucrats are their care givers, and academics their priests plus a lot of others just down on their luck that can’t seem to  find a need to fill that their fellow citizens require.  In addition to that 50% pay no income taxes at all!
Many of them believe that crony capitalism, corporatism and fascist governmental favoritism is capitalism.  They have no concept between what capitalism or true free market economics really is because their PUBLIC “EDUCATION”  system failed them.  They espouse that collectivism is the utopia even though they moved out from their parent’s home protesting its oligarchical rule which their utopia nanny state would be based on.
 Simply by finding a need and supplying their own time, talent and treasure to solve another’s problems, they will solve their own problems. Sitting around and demanding through government bureaucracies that other people pay fully functional individuals is not only immoral it is criminal.  If they can’t find a job, create one by filling a need. If they lack the talents and creativity of creating a job, they need to volunteer to help people they might want to someday create a business out of.
Many of them live in a world of fantasy where logic and reason has been replaced by magical thinking. They don’t know where hamburgers come from except magically from the drive through window it appears in. Many spend hundreds of thousands of dollars going into debt on educational degrees that fills no human or economic need.  Really, is a master’s degree in feng shui really worth two hundred thousand dollars?
They don’t know the difference between mob rule and rule of law, the difference between a democracy and a republic, the difference between rights and privileges, the difference between independent thinking and mass hypnosis, the difference between profit and loss, the difference between tyranny and liberty, the difference between duty and irresponsibility, the difference between right and wrong or good and evil.
They march around wearing nose rings, lip hooks, tattoos, long matted hair, sagging droopy drawers exposing their ass crack or skirts short enough to be over stretched blouses while wearing t-shirts with words and slogans they have no concept of their real meaning and wearing bandannas supporting their favorite socialist party.
So the “we are the 99%” slogan inspired me find “the rest of the story” and add my perspective story:
“We are the 99 percent.”
We are the silent productive majority.
We are getting kicked out of our homes.”
 We are under siege from the IRS, EPA & FDA Audits, Codex Alimentarius, Agenda 21, International Code Council, Federal Reserve, inflation-deflation and unconstitutional fines, fees, and confiscation.
“We are forced to choose between groceries and rent”.
We have to choose between keeping our business open or firing good dedicated employees.
“We are denied quality medical care.”
 We are robbed of our own doctors and medical care by rules, regulations and death panels.
We are suffering from environmental pollution.”
 We are suffering from environmental indoctrination and pseudo-science propaganda that causes the nescience (clue less)  to march in the streets, bureaucrats to create un-reviewed unconstitutional rules, regulations, fines, and fees, academics to obtain more grant money to create more pseudo-science that in the end suppresses and stifles creativity, liberty, productivity and jobs.
“We are working long hours for little pay and no rights, if we're working at all.”
We are working longer hours just to keep the doors open with little or no pay with the entire responsibility of possibly going out of business, putting good productive associates on the streets and looking for work ourselves while the recipient class is gaming the system.
“We are getting nothing while the other 1 percent is getting everything.”
We are getting robbed by inflation, by government bureaucrats, by unconstitutional rules, regulations, forms, fees, licenses, taxes and fines. The bureaucratic bloated government is getting everything. It is liberty vs. tyranny.
“We are the 99 percent.”
 We are the silent productive majority not you the 49% vocal recipient class, we are the ones that create jobs not government, we are the ones with solutions not government, we are the ones that create true wealth not government and we are the ones about to “shrug”. 
“We have one income for a family of seven.”
We have five incomes with devalued fiat currency that buys less and less while we try to run our farms, keep our businesses open and work other part time jobs.
“We can’t sell our house to move somewhere with more job prospects because the real estate market is flooded with cheap foreclosures.”
We can’t sell our businesses to move to the North Dakota oil boom because the real estate market sucks because the Fed kept interest rates down too long, Freddy and Fanny approved too many un-deserving loans and the AAA rated mortgage bundling scheme proved to be fraudulent.
“We are living paycheck to paycheck and barely getting by”
We are living paycheck to paycheck while food and fuel keep going up because the Fed keeps printing fiat money and Codex Alimentarius, the FDA & EPA, city ordinances try to  prevent us from growing and trading our own food.
“I know that we are among the lucky ones because we do have one solid income, our health, a roof over our heads and enough to eat”
I know we are the lucky ones because we have enough gumption to fill the needs of our brothers and sisters by doing the work that isn’t being done by the un-productive class. We are the lucky ones because we learned to start our own businesses and educated ourselves on how free market capitalism really works. Rather than gaming the system we used the system.
While the recipient class continues to look for ways they can get the bloated bureaucracy to steal more of our wealth, we are buying guns, ammo, food, gold, silver and creating of network of well-fed neighbors we can count on when the productive class totally runs out of money.
I know we are the intentionally lucky  ones because while the un-productives are too interested in growing government that equally robs everyone through inflation we have been growing our own gardens, canning, storing food and networking with other productives that will provide us with our needs when the eventual collapse happens.
We, the productive class, see the only way out of this “created by design collapse” is to:
1. Cut government rules, regulations, fines, fees and licenses. 
2. Cut the bureaucracies that administer those rules, regulations, fines, fees and licenses. 
3. Eliminate completely all agencies not envisioned by the founding fathers and allow the states to do their constitutional duties.
4. Empower nonprofit non-governmental organizations to feed the hungry, clothe the destitute and shelter the truly indigent.  Those that have no tools, training or imagination can actually work for food, clothing and shelter by growing their own food, sewing their own clothes and building their own shelter just as the Amish have done for decades.
5. Revert to the Glass-Steagall Act that worked so well till it was eliminated.
6. Revert to the pre- 1890 structure of a corporation that has a limited life, does not have unlimited funding to sway elections and has to demonstrate a public good by at least employing the majority of is workers in the country that gave it its life.
7. Eliminate the 17th amendment so Senators are loyal to the state they represent rather that special interests foreign and domestic.
8. Revert to the tax structure we had before the 16th amendment. 
9. Empower congress to coin money backed by wealth rather than a fiat currency created by debt
10. Strip away all unconstitutional laws from every level of government.
11. Revert to common law and common law courts.  If there is no injured party, no law was broken.
12. End the drug war. Allow taxes from the sale of all controlled substances to support rehabilitation.
13. End war on terror that is terrorizing our citizens through illegal pat down, x-ray screening, illegal wire taps, spying,  search and seizures.
13. Empower the 2nd amendment by allowing all citizens to pack heat anywhere and to do citizen’s arrests if necessary.
14. Revert to physical balloting. Eliminate all electronic balloting since hackers can game the system.
 15. All tax money should flow through state coffers 1st so the federal government can’t blackmail states into abusing their citizens.
16. Eliminate all concentration of power so no corporation is too big to fail nor governmental agency too big to be cut. 
17. Declare war on indoctrination center based education by creating true competition with educational scholarships that even home schoolers can earn.  Imagine children getting money by getting quality education their parent provide. Would this incentivize the student and parents to find the best educational resources that really work?  Would this create an education boom like the deregulation of cell phones?
18. End empire building. Maintain a truly level de-regulated playing field free enough anyone so can start their own business, be productive and profitable enough to attain the American dream so that other countries will want to emulate us rather than FEAR US. Let us be the “shining city on the hill”.
19. Dis-empower the UN by defunding any New World Order Governmental schemes, agenda 21, Codex Alimentarius and carbon taxes.
So, we are the silent productive majority, it is time we awaken and educate our fellow citizens.  It is we who hold the destiny of the country. By doing nothing, we sentence our children and posterity to the imprisonment and slavery of power hungry oligarchs.  The American experiment of American exceptionalism will have ended.
It is time for us to use our innate common sense and refuse to abdicate our intelligence to untested, unfounded, bought off academics whose only purpose is to justify government, its bureaucrats and the power elite oligarchs pulling the strings.   
It is time to grow local, buy local, trade local, stay local, elect local and reject all non-thinking, finger’s in the wind ”say what you want to hear” politicians who say they “represent” us. 
It is time to reject all non-constitutional elected officials of all parties, people of influence, talking heads and media outlets. It is time to reject the notion of a New World Order One World government through the International Code Council, EPA or any other alphabet soup agencies that are circumventing our legislation, legal processes and constitutional safe guards.  
It is time to stop occupying wall street and start occupying  the Federal Reserve by  auditing it.
 By RedFeather of the Bloody Quill Tribe.