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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

34 Things You Can Do To Restore The Republic

34 Things You Can Do On Your Own
When people are waking up to what is happening, many have no idea what to do. Many stare at the problem like a deer in the headlights, frozen with fear. Others get depressed. So when people have no idea what to do, give them this list. Remember, impress without expression is depression.  In the words of Teddy Roosevelt, "Do all you can, with what you’ve got, where ever you are." 
A.       Educate yourself with:
1.       YouTube.
2.      Books.
3.       Talk radio.
4.      CDs, DVDs, pod casts and MP3 files.
B.       Educate your friends by:
5.       Loaning books,  DVDs, CD and MP3 files.
6.      Taking them to seminars
7.       Joining a Tea Party, Property Rights, 2nd Amendment , Fully Informed Jury, and Gardening groups
8.      Taking them to central committee meetings, school board meetings, and zoning board meetings.
C.       Learn from others on how to:
9.       Email, Broadcast Email, Blind Carbon Copy, blog and twitter.
10.      Capture Audio off the Internet.
11.       Copy and paste information you find on the Internet for archiving.
12.      Robert’s Rules of Order
13.      Paint signs.
14.        Write effective letters to representatives, to the editor and radio and TV station.
15.       Watch our representative by knowing what is going to be up for a vote.
16.      Watch ballot initiatives and learn how to defeat them and how to start one.
D.       Spread the word by:
17.       Email and giving out this email address:
18.      Participating in local talk radio.
19.       Letters to community calendars and editors.
20.      Phonevite where you can that refer to an email address that auto responds to their email.
21.      Having home group get-together showing videos and educating friends and neighbors.
22.        Sending post cards inviting them to local patriot meetings.
E.       Get active by supporting:
23.       A local Tea Party, 912ers, or property rights group.
24.      Become a precinct committee person.
25.       Get on the school board or zoning board or at least attend.
26.      Voting.
27.      Getting out the vote.
F.       Things to do in public:
28.       Wear hats, tee shirts and buttons that cause people to ask questions or ally with you.
29.      Have business cards that give people your meeting contact information for your group.
30.       When paying for something, ask them if they accept fiat currency.
31.      When they don’t know what fiat currency is, give them a flier about it to spread awareness.
32.      Find people you can trade with that use honest money.
33.        Tell people you are doing a personal survey and ask what part of government is the Federal Reserve.
34.       Support local patriot businesses. Eat at their establishments and buy their products.

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