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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is this already a police state? Connecting the dots.

     There is a new show on Thursday about 8:00 pm CST on CBS called “Person of Interest”. It shows how the government can listen to you over your cell phone and watch you via intersection and other cameras. The 1st episode was very good. The scary thing is I believe it is based on fact.  I suspect this show will not last long because it will actually wake up too many people. The reason I say this is based on fact is because the show Front Line a PBS show had an episode called “Top Secret America” in which they stated over a million people work for this secret government organization, couple that with a new web site called A T T A C K   W A T C H and we may be living in a police state already. This is a place where people “See something, say something.”   Now we know where all the TARP money actually went.  As far as I know, there is no congressional over site.

Person of Interest link:
Top Secret America, Front Line:
Your phone in bugged.
Make this a subject on talk radio by going to and there you will find just about all the talk radio shows you'll ever want to call.

I highly recommend the” Person of Interest” show.  Spread the word.

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