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Monday, July 23, 2012

The August 7th Primary 2012 is almost upon us. Patriots through out Missouri are taking action and running for the most powerful office in the land called the Precinct Committee Seat. In Christian County, Missouri, 20 seats are being sought. Five of the 20 are already won simply by knowing that if you apply for an uncontested empty seat by last March 28, 2012 you automatically get it in the August primary.

The beauty of it is, you can not be primaried out nor write-in campaigned out. The fifteen remaining seats are challenging the RINOs, progressives and moderates. The old guard is not happy. These challengers are constitutional conservative republicans that area fed up with republican central committees that are failing to do their jobs of:
  1. Vetting candidates.
  2. Organizing their precincts.
  3. Showing up at polling sites and greeting the voters.
  4. Creating blog or web sites to inform their constituents.
In the 20 years I have lived and voted in Christian County, no one from the republican party has ever reached out to me. It is because of this that the Young Turks are moving in. Young Constitutional Conservative Republican Turks.

This country is being strangled by little known nor understood boards like:
  1. Health board.
  2. Water board.
  3. Fire board.
  4. Planning and Zoning board.
  5. School boards

These boards use and implement laws, rules, regulations circumventing the federal and state legislators stifling growth, independence and freedom through code books created from the United Nations via Agenda 21. The ultimate purpose is population reduction via eugenics.

This New World Order is attacking us through a bottom up tactic by way of these little know boards and from the top down by way of treaty. Unless we are eternally vigilant, ubiquitously organized and ready to push back we are doomed.

While the internet is still up it is imperative that we seek out, find and develop like minded people into positions of power.

Also, unique to Christian County Missouri is the fact that we have several people who I would consider Constitutional Conservative Republicans. Robert Palmer running for not only Committeeman but also Eastern Commissioner. Joey Kyle is considered a constitutional sheriff and one we must retain. Then there are the 15 committeemen and women we must elect.

On a state wide basis Bill Randles is one we must elect for Governor. Out of all the politicians I have ever been for, voted for or supported Bill Randles has them all beat including Ronald Reagan. Bill Randles not only gets what Agenda 21 is all about he also gets how the left high jacks language and meanings of words. Bill Randles is true presidential material. Go the and listen to his several speeches. 


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