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Sunday, December 1, 2013

The time has come again to run for Precinct Committee-man-woman.

    Getting a majority of Constitutionalists on those committees will send a signal to the RINO encampment. Also, it puts us in positions of power by owning political realestate. This is a detailed article on why we must do this Vetting one of our own to the highest office possible will allow all our committee candidates to obtain a listed possible voters is a good tactic too.  This all starts in January 2014 so you need to go to your local county clerk and get the details, dates, requirements and deadlines.

    All those with Smart phones need to install the Congress App called Open Congress from the SunLight Foundation. For Andorid: for Apple and for the foundation  This app follows everything in DC. With a couple of clicks you can add anyone to your contact list. By adding their Twitter handle, you can tweet them directly as soon they say something stupid in the media  Soon,  they will have the same for State Legislatures.

    Finally, the best way to make a lot of waves in DC is not e-mailing, faxing, phoning, or even snail mailing but Tweeting. All the other ways are good but Tweeting with Twitter is superior. When you Tweet, it is like putting a neon sign in front of their office maiking your statement for the entire world to see because it is listed their communication feed as well as your own. Therefore if they fail to read your Tweet, their followers and your followers will. This then allows your followers to Re-Tweet your original message and it goes viral. This is quantifible and trackable. It is a newsworthy event when we all do it at once. They call it a trend.  Go here to get started: .

   With Twitter you can have an anonymous account so your customers,boss or union brothers can't easily identify you. That requires a dedicated  email address per Twitter account. You can have as many Twitter accounts as dedicated email addresses. There are many free email services  out there too.   Remember, our founding fathers never revealed who they were in pubic.     

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